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Rented homes for migrant laborers in metro cities soon

April 6, 2020

Rented homes for migrant laborers in metro cities soon

The Narendra Modi-led Central Government, after delivering on its ambitious promise of ‘Housing for all by 2020’, it is all set to unveil a more significant housing project. It now looks poised to provide homes on rent for migrant workers in crowded metro cities.

In its bid to address the urban unpleasantness, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs has come up with an elaborate plan to give single-room tenements to households with a yearly income of Rs.3 lakh or less. 

What’s more, the Ministry would link its Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) scheme with a new rental housing plan. The CLSS (Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme) is already under works for six months, and it looks to address two major pain points. The first one will be the ever-increasing issue of growing slum resolution. And the next will be helping lower-income groups to fulfil its dreams of living in a pucca tenement with basic amenities, including attached toilets and tap water.

The plan would take into account constructing high-rises with single-room tenements and providing people living in poor conditions in slums on a rental basis. With this plan in action, the Government has its intentions clear – to extend housing advantages to lower-income groups. The Government is well aware that a majority of such population resides in slums and shuttle between such places and workplaces. It wants to elevate their standard of living by offering them a pucca rented facility with all necessary facilities.

This scheme would be a joint project of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs and the Ministry of Labour.

As per sources, the funds of labour cess may even be utilized as the starting working capital for giving the go-ahead to this project.

“The scheme is all set to be driven by our Ministry and housing boards would be brought in its umbrella to build economical homes.” A senior official in the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs was recently stated as saying on the development.

The Government is planning to run this project via the voucher system. Under the same, the urban bodies (local level) would initially register families earning Rs.3 lakh/year or less and hand out rent vouchers.  In turn, a tenant will hand over these vouchers to the landowners – it is being expected to be housing board. In case if it is a private developer, such coupons will be made to be redeemable at a nearby Citizen Service Bureau.